Impromptu Mini Review of Quest Poetics

Consider me converted.  I’ve never been down with R&B and Hip Hop but this guy drew me in while I was walking downtown last week.  His soul, riding the sound waves emitting from his battery powered speaker, had a direct lock on my spirit.  It pulled me through a no jay-walking zone, buffered me from a honking bus, and a cab driver sporting a single finger.  Then it held me there, no longer hungry, no longer in search of a new hat.  Just in pure existence in the company of this engaging, dynamic, freestylin’, full on entertainer.  His confident and captivating melodic loops, funky mouth beats, wicked improv and inspiring lyrics were second to nothing I’ve ever heard before on the streets… or any where for that matter.  I wasn’t the only one captivated, I watched as CD’s flew and bills landed at the foot of this genius boy, Randy Ponzio of Quest Poetics.  Fortunately for the rest of you, he’s got a show, along with 11 Hour Orchestra, coming up this Saturday at the Back Stage Lounge at 9:30pm. Tickets are $12 at the door.  Visit for a musical preview.  See you there.